Staff, and the Who Does What

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Staff, and the Who Does What

Post by Anikee on Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:59 pm

Here's a topic for staff to post in for what they do.

I'm Anikee. I moderate, administrate, and can update anything and act as an NPC if needed. I also maintain the forum and administrate the applicable chat rooms. I occasionally act as KOTG, in which case I will use that account.

I play a character as well, so I'm not always acting as an NPC! I play a part in many arcs and have several characters.

If I am acting as KOTG, I will usually post 'KOTG, Anikee' at the bottom.

Hello! I'm the owner. Feel free to PM me with anything! Smile
I also am an NPC controller so I can help with that if you can't contact the NPC (KOTG).


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