Learning Board: What To Do (WIP-FINISH)

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Learning Board: What To Do (WIP-FINISH)

Post by Anikee on Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:13 pm

I am on a Greyhound and utilizing their wifi right now.... this topic will be finished eventually!

First of all, you need to have a character posted in the "Character Bios" board. If this is not done, you should not post in this board.

Second, you need to find a topic. Creating one is okay, but it is recommended you join a moderator or admin-started topic that already has a set scenario. These topics will be open to up to five users, and run for up to five pages. You need to post your character bio link in your first post.
(Staff-you are free to create a topic, but remember it should be a short, sweet scenario that is easily and swiftly completed.)
Note that these are non-canon roleplays and do not affect the storyline of the main RP. They are strictly for learning.

After the topic is closed, a moderator, admin, or NPC will notify you on how you did. Note that other users MAY send you tips; this is completely within our rules and not discouraged whatsoever. However, remember that the staff evaluation is what counts.
(Staff-please only close completed scenarios.)

If you are cleared by staff, a staff member will change your usergroup. "New Users" are those who have not completed their Learning Board scenario; "Accepted RPers" are those who have. You will also be assigned a 'Keyluite Color', which is a secondary usergroup of sorts. What determines this group may change over time.

How to improve your chances of being accepted:
-Do not use text speak. It's actually against Keyluite rules!! Exclamation
-Be descriptive.
-Stay true to your character's race.
-Don't 'godmod'. Such is forbidden on Keyluite! Godmodding is controlling, taking over, or killing another's character. Unless the other person gives the go-ahead to kill off their character (proof must be posted), this is an offense that could earn you a warning.

Hello! I'm the owner. Feel free to PM me with anything! Smile
I also am an NPC controller so I can help with that if you can't contact the NPC (KOTG).


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