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**Rules may change without much notice. A reply to this topic will be made by staff in that event.**
**If you have any questions regarding the rules, please ask a MOD or ADMIN. Do not post on this topic.**


Character Creation:
-Races, Genders, and physical descriptions must be in line with character creation rules for each race. Characters out of alignment will be warned.
-Protest against our gender rules isn't allowed. We have them the way they are because they were established that way in our 2009-2014 roleplays. They're not going to change.

Roleplay Behavior:
-NO content over PG13. We are not against it, but it is our host's rule. (When we get our NC-17/R room back up, there will be an announcement including login details.)
-NO chat speak is allowed at any time on Keyluite. This includes 1337 speak, 'u', 'r', and horrible spelling. We are a literate RP group. One of our staff members uses a screen reader to translate. You will be given a warning, and for three offenses a ban will be issued.

Roleplay Timelines Rules:
-Posting outside of the timelines currently allowed is NOT allowed... we're following the scheme as it goes for a reason.

Age rules: We consider ourselves an over-14 group. Most of our members are ADULTS. If you have an issue with this, well, 'logout' is in the top right of the screen. Sorry, but we pride ourselves on the quality of our RPs.

-Be nice.
-No spamming.
-RPs must include a minimum of two people.
-No murder without asking. No regeneration. Death is permanent.

Ban-worthy offenses:
-Use of horridly illiterate language, multiple times.
-Adult rated content on here. It's against the host's rules, not ours!


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